The Must-Have Time Clock App

Businesses are adapting to the latest technology!

We are in the middle of a rapid increase of new employee opportunities including drivers, technicians, administrators, and off-site employees. These new hirees shouldn’t bring on additional hours of work calculating labor hours or worries of employees taking advantage of the system and lying on timesheets. This growth demands that managers utilize the latest technology to scale their operations.

What are businesses answering to?

Businesses are taking advantage of the modern Goose Time Clock app at NO COST for the year 2017! This modern app has user-friendly features to help employees and managers work together.

Technology that is:

Modern… Ditch paper time sheets and Collect web reports of total hours.
User-friendly…Stay organized with essential features in-hand.
Interactive and sleek… Add specialized notes for hourly time-in and time-out clock times.
Real-Time…View the time and location as employees make updates

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Access and secure all your time reports in one system!

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