The “Swoop and Squat” & Other Types of Staged Accidents

swoop and squatStaged accidents like the “swoop and squat” are especially common during bad economies. Unscrupulous criminals often set out to make quick money by targeting unsuspecting motorists. In fact, the FBI states that staged accident claims amount to $20 billion dollars per year and increases the average auto insurance premium by $100 to $300 pear year. Unfortunately, commercial fleets are often targeted for staged accidents due to their higher insurance coverages and quicker payouts by the insurers.

These are the most common types of staged accidents:

The Swoop and Squat:

The offender will pull in front of your fleet vehicle and suddenly stop to force a rear-end impact. Often times, a second vehicle is used to block your fleet vehicle’s attempt to swerve into a different lane.

The T-Bone:

The offender will accelerate and collide into the side of your company’s vehicle as it enters an intersection, claiming that your vehicle ran a red light or stop sign.

The Wave:

The offender will wave your driver ahead as they try to switch lanes. At the last minute, they will force a side swipe by your vehicle and claim that they didn’t wave your driver ahead.

The Right Turn Drive Down:

As your driver attempts to make a right-hand term, a car suddenly runs into the backend of your vehicle, claiming that your driver’s turn signal wasn’t on.

The Curb Drive Down:

Your driver attempts to pull out from a curb and the offender waves them into traffic. Suddenly at the last minute, a car crosses from the left lane to deliberately crash into your vehicle.

In nearly all of these cases, the offender will work with another person who would claim that they witnessed the accident and your driver was at fault.  They will also often have multiple people in their vehicles who will all claim injuries.

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