Smartphone GPS Tracking Device Outsmarts Robber

At approximately 1 AM on June 25, 2012, Corpus Christi, Texas, police received a call. Someone stole an iPhone. The theft occurred when the victim was unloading groceries from his Jeep Liberty. When he returned to his vehicle, he saw the perpetrator speeding off on the victim’s $1,200 mountain bike.  

The pursuit started. During the chase, the suspect fell off the bike, but still escaped.

Using his wife’s phone, the victim used GPS tracking to follow his phone’s movements. Armed with the victim’s description of the robber and the GPS data, officers quickly tracked down the suspect. Police quickly found Vincent George Williams, 34, casing other vehicles. When spotted, Williams ran, making the police pursue. The GPS tracking device led police directly to Williams’ hiding spot, beneath nearby bushes.

Williams was booked at the City Detention Center and charged with Burglary of a Vehicle and Theft.

Both the iPhone and mountain bike were returned to the owner.


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