NAFA Opens Submissions for Green Fleet Management Awards 2011

green fleet vehicleThe National Association of Fleet Management (NAFA) will be accepting nominations for the Sustainable Fleet 2011 Awards until February 28, 2011. The Sustainable Fleet Awards honor individuals and organizations that have implemented pioneering, innovative, and creative programs to help with their company’s overall sustainable, green fleet initiatives. Winners will be announced at the NAFA Expo April 9-12, 2011 in Charlotte, NC.

NAFA is the association for the diverse vehicle fleet management profession regardless of organizational type, geographic location, or fleet composition. According to NAFA, four  awards will be presented. Two for a sedan/light truck fleet and two for a truck/equipment fleet.   Entrants are grouped into two broad categories according to their fleet’s area of operation and whether or not those areas are considered mandated to improve their air quality.

Entrants must be members of NAFA Fleet Management Association to qualify.  Applications may be submitted by any individual who is directly employed in a vehicle fleet management role by any company, utility, government agency, or not for profit organization in the United States or Canada.  A NAFA Member can nominate themselves and/or their fleet team.  NAFA Members and Affiliates may nominate other fleet managers for their work in this area; however, such nominations must be verified by the person being nominated.

For more information, or to enter, go to NAFA.

About National Association of Fleet Management (NAFA)

NAFA’s Full and Associate Members are responsible for the specification, acquisition, maintenance and repair, fueling, risk management, and remarketing of more than 3.5 million vehicles including in excess of 1.1 million trucks! In fact, NAFA Members across the North American continent have more than 350,000 medium- and heavy-duty trucks in their fleets, totaling for more than $21 billion dollars in assets for medium- and heavy-duty trucks alone.

Whether a commercial industry or public service, NAFA Members play an integral part in today’s business environment. The more “traditional” fleet vehicles of passenger cars, vans, and SUVs managed by our Members total 1.4 million and account for $45 billion dollars in assets. And, this doesn’t even account for the additional quarter million police sedans; 58,000-plus emergency vehicles; and 386,000 pieces of specialty equipment used by public service fleets, as well as commercial ones!

About FieldLogix Green Fleet Management System

Considering the high cots of gas these days,  it makes sense to invest in a Green GPS Fleet Management System. “We have dozens of case studies showing that with the right tools and strategy, you can reduce the average fleet vehicle’s operating costs by over $8,064 and reduce 2 metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution per vehicle annually with modern telematics technology and proper driver education.”

Tracking fleet vehicles can significantly reduce fuel expenses. Lower fleet fuel bills equal higher net profits. For a fleet of 25 vehicles, idling time reduced by only 15 minutes per day can result in fuel savings of 562.5 gallons at a cost of about $1,783 per year at current gas prices. If you reduce idling time by 60 minutes, it would result in a fuel savings of 2,250 gallons at a cost of over $6,000 per year!

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