GPS Tracking Puts Money Back Into Your Pocket

When a company decides to invest money in any new technology, the first questions asked are, “How quickly will we see a return on our investment?” and “Is this worth the money?” Without answering those initial inquiries, it could be easy to jump into an investment that will not pay off.

FieldLogix, a green GPS tracking solution provider, has been committed to answering that question for its customers since its inception. As one FieldLogix representative states, “our systems have been able to help companies save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in reduced labor costs. We show our potential customers the benefits they will receive from implementing GPS tracking into their current operations.”

Green GPS tracking systems provided by FieldLogix have become one of the most popular new technologies among businesses in a variety of industries. Businesses across the globe are instituting GPS tracking to help reduce labor costs, fuel expenses, and improve security.

After implementing a GPS system into their fleet, Gary Goldman, Vice President Sales and Marketing for Amendola’s Fence, found that some employees “were stopping for breakfast or taking the long routes.” Employees who know the company vehicle is being tracked tend to voluntarily decrease unapproved breaks. Working more efficiently saves labor dollars.

The City of San Diego saved more than $670,000 in the first year of using a GPS tracking system in its waste management vehicles. Most of the savings were from being able to develop more efficient routes, thus saving on fuel costs.

Many GPS tracking systems alert the fleet manager if a driver speeds or starts driving erratically. Unusual driving behavior can signal that a driver is distracted or suffering an emergency health issue. Bad driving not only costs the employer more money, it can also be deadly.

FieldLogix‘ green GPS tracking systems can assist. They consistently demonstrate cost savings by giving fleet managers real time vehicle idling data, enabling more efficient routes to be selected, and teaching drivers to be safer. The savings speak for themselves, and as FieldLogix understands, “our systems allow customers to put the money back in their pockets.”

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