Vehicle GPS Systems Prevent Texting While Driving

Garmin GPS fleet tracking prevents texting while driving accidentsVehicle GPS Tracking System Solutions:

Regardless of which state you are in, texting while driving is irresponsible and dangerous, especially for those driving large commercial fleet vehicles such as heavy duty trucks. Essentially anyone whose job requires them to drive around town can benefit from the increased safety, efficiency and legal compliance that a Garmin integrated GPS tracking device can provide. Less than two weeks ago a very famous and successful plastic surgeon drove off a cliff in Mailbu because he was texting while driving. The accident demonstrates the very real danger of texting while driving, an activity that has reportedly spiked in recent years.

“I hear, almost daily, accounts of people who are injured while texting,” said Dr. Angela Gardner, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians. Gardner said “It has stopped being an oddity when we hear that someone was texting and has a wreck. Now it’s more of a fairly common occurrence…While sending out a status update during a leisurely drive may seem innocuous,  it only takes a moment for distracted drivers to become vulnerable.”

Text messaging has been the primary source of communication between truck drivers, dispatchers and fleet managers for many years. Fleet managers have relied on text messaging to stay in touch with their drivers at all times. When rerouting drivers or changing job priorities or text messaging has been the quickest and cheapest method of communication. In order to comply with recent text messaging laws, and to encourage safer driving habits, many companies have integrated GPS fleet tracking systems. Fleet tracking GPS systems with Garmin integration enable dispatchers to send and receive information through a driver’s GPS system, eliminating the need for text messaging. This helps to keep truck drivers safe and comply with State text messaging laws.

Many companies and government fleets are employing this improved fleet telematics technology to communicate with mobile employees while out in the field.  With the integration of a Garmin integrated GPS tracking solution, fleet operators can quickly and easily communicate, reroute or dispatch employees through their GPS navigation systems, without the need to call or text message. For many companies to be successful, fleet managers, dispatchers and vehicle drivers must have the ability to respond quickly to emergency calls or schedule changes.

By integrating a Garmin integrated GPS fleet tracking solution, businesses such as building services, construction or delivery companies, can significantly reduce instances of distracted driving. Directions are delivered through the fleet GPS navigation device, installed on the dashboard, both audibly and visually. This eliminates the need to use a cell phone while driving and significantly increases driver safety.

FieldLogix was one of the first fleet management systems to offer the integration between GPS fleet tracking and Garmin turn-by-turn driver navigation systems. FieldLogix GPS fleet tracking systems are installed in thousands of fleet vehicles across the U.S. FieldLogix provides cutting edge GPS telematics technology to hundreds of companies and municipalities, helping them to improve efficiency as well as increase driver safety and legal compliance.

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