Fleet Tracking System Features to Consider, Part One

Fleet Tracking System Features – Part One

If your business requires vehicles and mobile employees, and you are interested in finding ways to increase your company’s productivity and profitability, then you should consider investing in a GPS Fleet Tracking System.

A Fleet Tracking System can provide your company with numerous benefits at an affordable price. A fleet tracking system can help the average fleet reduce fuel costs by up to 20%. Most customers typically see a positive ROI in less than 6 months.

There are several factors to consider when researching and selecting the right Fleet Tracking System.  Here are some of the fleet tracking features you should be considering in your purchase decision.

Are there concerns about excessive fuel consumption?

Utilizing the following features, a fleet tracking system can help.

Closest vehicle
Allows dispatchers to select the closest vehicle to a specific destination and provide turn-by-turn directions for the routes.
Garmin navigation device interface
Dispatchers can immediately send new calls to an in-vehicle navigation device to route drivers from current locations to their new jobs.
Idling report
Displays each time a vehicle has idled in excess of 5 minutes. Report displays total time spent idling during a specified time period.
Mileage report Displays total miles traveled during a specified time period.
Speeding report
Displays each excessive speeding incident during a specified time period.
History replay
Displays entire route traveled on a map. Allows user to determine if vehicles are taking indirect
routes to stops.

How will the Fleet Tracking System be managed and utilized?

Hosted Application
System is 100% hosted by provider and does not require the expense of an IT staff or infrastructure.
Web Based
System can be accessed by any PC with internet access.
User accounts
Multiple users can be added to the system with unique usernames & passwords.
Privileges / rights
Users can be restricted to viewing only certain authorized pages in the system.
Monitoring system utilization
Administrators can view reports that display which users logged into the system and which pages they accessed.
Notification methods
Notifications can be sent to different recipients for different vehicles or they can be sent to multiple recipients.
Vehicle access
Users can be restricted from viewing certain vehicles or groups of vehicles.
Back office software integration
Data from the system can be automatically inserted into another 3rd party software application.

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