Diesel Gas Hits $4.23 a Gallon in California

Gas prices are incredibly high and climbing.  World oil prices are trading near some of their highest levels in almost three years as violent combat continues in Libya, one of Africa’s biggest crude oil producers. Many people wonder just how high prices will go, as fears arise that the fighting may thread throughout the Middle East.

Gas prices are always the highest in the spring and summer as demand for driving increases. So how high will gas prices go? No one knows for sure, but mot people expect gas prices to be volatile with a continually upward increases in price throughout the next several months.

Diesel gas prices reached $4.233 a gallon in California, up $1.122 a gallon compared with 2010, according tot he LA Times. A gallon of diesel fuel cost an average of $3.870 a gallon, which was 79.1 cents a gallon higher than the year-ago price.


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