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FieldLogix has been pioneering the GPS fleet tracking industry for two decades.  We have been recognized with various awards and accolades for our continuous innovation and world-class support. Companies switch to FieldLogix because we have more features, better pricing, and great support.

gps fleet tracking safety

Driver Safety Monitoring

Cut your liabilities by improving driving habits!

  • Crash risk monitoring using Artificial Intelligence
  • Driver scorecard
  • Optional in-cab safety alerts
  • and more…
  • FieldLogix Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking

    Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking

    Stay on top of your fleet’s locations with Google maps!

  • Very user-friendly
  • Auto-refresh with current locations
  • Find closest vehicle
  • and more…
  • Analytics & Reporting

    Historical Activity Reporting

    Use our analytics & reports to improve driver performance & activities!

  • Breadcrumb history
  • Stop details
  • Miles traveled
  • and more…
  • ELD System

    Driver Behavior Center

    Compare the safety of each driver to industry benchmarks!

  • Aggressive driving & speeding events
  • Posted speed limit violations
  • Industry standards
  • and more!
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    GPS fuel fraud monitoring

    Fuel Fraud Monitoring

    Verify your fleet fuel transactions and prevent fraud!

  • Compare vehicle location vs fuel purchase location
  • Check to see if gas cans are filled
  • Compatible with these fuel cards
  • and more…
  • gps fleet driver behavior

    Fuel Efficiency Monitoring

    Ensure resources aren’t being wasted!

  • Estimates fuel costs for wasteful habits
  • Ranks best & worst performers
  • Monitors speeding, idling, etc
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking driver trends

    Fleet Trends

    Benchmark your drivers’ activities against the fleet average to see who your outliers are!

  • Speeding trends
  • Mileage trends
  • Idling trends
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking driver analytics

    Fleet Projections

    Use our predictive analytics algorithm to forecast future activities based on prior behavior!

  • Projected speeding events
  • Projected mileage
  • Projected idling time
  • and more…
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    gps fleet tracking maintenance monitoring

    Maintenance Monitoring

    Keep your vehicles on the road with maintenance reminders!

  • Create unlimited maintenance schedules
  • Based alerts on miles, engine hours, or time
  • Send alerts to specific people
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking features

    Vehicle Vitals

    Keep your vehicles on the road by monitoring their vitals!

  • MPG monitoring
  • Check engine light status
  • Fluid levels & temps
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking permissions

    Enterprise Permissions

    Lock down FieldLogix so users can only access features & vehicles you grant them access to!

  • Restrict access to features
  • Restrict access to vehicles
  • View login activity & IP addresses
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking api

    Software Integrations

    We offer several integrations with leading 3rd party business applications!

  • Display FieldLogix data & job data on one map
  • Configure integrations in easy to use portal
  • No “coding” required, just point & click
  • and more…
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    gps fleet tracking apps

    GPS Fleet Tracking Apps

    Use our mobile apps for real-time GPS fleet tracking from the field!

  • Current locations & status
  • Driver history
  • iPhones & Androids
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking & dispatching

    Routing & Dispatching

    Complete more jobs with optimized routing & dispatching!

  • Optimize routes with predictive traffic
  • Drag & drop calls to closest drivers
  • Send ETA’s to waiting clients
  • and more…
  • ELD compliance

    ELD Compliance

    Our integration with Apollo’s FMCSA-certified ELD solution allows drivers and carriers to meet mandate requirements.

  • Pre & post-trip inspections (DVIR)
  • IFTA reporting & inspection logs for highway patrol
  • Includes intra-state rules
  • and more…
  • gps fleet tracking alerts

    Exceptions & Alerts

    Monitor driver activity with real-time alerts!

  • Geo-fence violations
  • Maximum & posted speed limit violations
  • Fuel card fraud monitoring
  • and more…

    “We evaluated several GPS fleet tracking systems and went with FieldLogix due to its ease of use, reporting features, and cost” – Krystal @ Interwest Construction


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