Driver Speed Alerts

Improve fleet safety with immediate notifications of excessive speeding

We will monitor drivers speeding events and will alert you when your speeding rules are violated.  Driver speed alerts are provided for maximum speed violations and posted speed limit violations.  These alerts can be sent to multiple recipients to ensure that you are aware of speeding violations immediately as they occur.  The speed limit violations are displayed in our speeding and notifications reports.

driver speed alerts

Maximum Speed Violations

You have the ability to set a maximum speed rule that will notify you, or your managers, if your vehicles exceed the maximum speed threshold.  This provides instant notifications to the appropriate personnel when the speed violations take place.

Posted Speed Violations

You can create a rule to be notified if the vehicles exceed the posted speed limit for the street that they are traveling on.  The rule could be based on a flat mph over the posted speed limit (i.e. 5mph above the posted speed limit), or a percentage over the posted speed limit (i.e. 10% over the posted speed limit).

Alerting Methods

You can receive notifications of driver speed alerts through email, text message, and as a visual alert within the FieldLogix app.  Some fleets even send notifications to their drivers when they violate the speeding rules.

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