Case Study | Streamlining Dispatching

See how a mechanical services company improved communication with employees and customers

Bak-Re-Pair Inc is a well-established mechanical services company and has been providing equipment maintenance services within the food industry since 1976.

The company has been a FieldLogix customer for years, taking advantage of the company’s flagship fleet tracking and management system. They had fleet management under control but said they wanted to improve and streamline their dispatching even more. They needed a solution that allowed them to better communicate and connect to drivers while they were on their way to customers.

Bak-Re-Pair started by using FieldLogix’s fleet management system and then decided to add Goose to better manage their operations. Flip Gilbert, the President of Bak-Re-Pair says, “the ‘Goose mobile app for the drivers is simple to use and is a great platform for navigation to the location… It also informs the dispatcher of the driver’s progress throughout the technician’s day. Besides the cost savings benefits and peace of mind that we know the location of any of our assets at any time, you have consistently improved the product and developed it into an even better product.”