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Fuel wasted due to idling is often the result of unchecked poor driving habits. According to the Clean Cities Coalition, a 10 vehicle fleet will waste over $7,500 in fuel per year just on idling alone.  Without a fleet management solution, it is nearly impossible to monitor wasteful habits in order to take corrective action to curb them.   We provide several tools to help you reduce excessive idling.

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Fleet Sustainability Scorecard

Our fleet sustainability scorecard ranks and scores your drivers on the two behaviors that waste the most fuel, idling and speeding.  The report will display your top 5 and bottom 5 performers and even tells you approximately how much fuel they are wasting due to these poor habits.  The scorecard can be used to reward your best performers and coach your worst performers.

Idling Monitoring & Alerts

You can setup alerts to receive immediate notifications if your vehicles idle for longer than a certain amount of time.  We also provide multiple idling reports that show you individual idling events as well as total idling time over a quarter, year, or longer.  Many of our fleet customers even have the reports emailed automatically to their drivers’ supervisors each night. These features help you identify your worst offenders and take corrective action to reduce their idling.

Idling Trends & Projections

We will provide you with graphs that display your historical idling trends.  You can compare individual driver idling trends to your fleet average idling trends.  We even provide projections of how much your vehicles may idle in the future if the historical trends continue.  This data is often used during periodic driver performance reviews to improve their behavior or see the results of your corrective action.

“I began utilizing FieldLogix reports when I started and the guys know I am watch them through FieldLogix. This would explain the downward idling trend.” – Eric Geye @ RLH Fire Protection

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