Driver Safety Scorecard

Use our scorecard to build a fleet safety culture

The driver safety scorecard helps you identify your safest and riskiest drivers so you can reward the best and coach the rest.  The scorecard includes the number of aggressive driving events and the number of speeding violations.  You have the ability to customize the weights for each factor in the scorecard as well as the speed thresholds that the vehicles must exceed before they are included in the scorecard.

driver safety scorecard

The driver safety scorecard is typically used in either of these two ways by our clients:

To facilitate internal competitions
Many of our fleet clients use the scorecard to set a company goal score and reward drivers who’s score is above the goal.  For example, they may set the company goal to 95, and reward all drivers who’s score is above 95.  They may also coach drivers who are below the company goal to encourage them to improve their scores.

To quickly identify unsafe driving behavior
Some clients will send the scorecard to each division’s managers each day so they can identify drivers with excessive speeding and aggressive driving activity.  The managers then drill down into detailed reports for each type of activity and will coach their low performers to improve their behavior.

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