Servicetrade & FieldLogix Telematics 2 Way Integration


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The award-winning FieldLogix GPS fleet management solution helps you reduce labor & fuel costs by giving you greater visibility into your driver’s habits. Our system helps companies reduce fuel costs by an average of 13% and reduce labor costs by an average of $5,484 per driver per year. Best of all, we have a 2-way integration with Servicetrade.

Our Servicetrade integration is used by fleets throughout the US and was first introduced in 2017.  Therefore, it is a mature and stable integration that is constantly being enhanced based on user feedback.

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Improve dispatching

  • Our Chrome extension gives your users the ability to view your techs’ locations inside Servicetrade
  • Automatically creates geofences around job sites so you can verify their time clock records
  • Ability to dispatch closest techs to jobs
  • Easily assign PM’s to available techs
  • View current technician statuses and locations
  • customer service servicetrade

    Improve customer service

  • Give your clients instant updates on tech arrival times 
  • Verify time on site for proof of services completed
  • Eliminate billing disputes
  • Quickly schedule jobs by eliminating tech communication delays
  • servicetrade fleet safety

    Improve fleet safety

  • Our AI-powered Crash Risk report identifies drivers at risk of being involved in an accident
  • Our safety scorecard helps you identify your unsafe drivers so you can coach them.
  • Our speeding alerts and report help you eliminate speed violations
  • After hours alerts help you eliminate personal vehicle use
  • servicetrade fleet management integration

    ServiceTrade & FieldLogix Map Integration

    About FieldLogix

    Since 2002, FieldLogix has been helping fleets throughout the world improve efficiency with our award-winning Field Resource Management platform that includes GPS Fleet Tracking, Fleet Dashcams, and Dispatch software.  Our integrations with some of the leading operational software providers helps organizations streamline their dispatching process.

    About Servicetrade

    Servicetrade provides advanced scheduling, dispatching, and job activity tracking for commercial and residential contractors throughout North America. The company helps companies improve customer engagement, sales and marketing activities, and operational efficiency. To learn more, visit

    “Much more user friendly, better features and lower cost. Wins across the board!” – Chris Miller @ Trane

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