Accurate ETA’s keep RCP’s customers happy

About RCP Block & Brick

For over 75 years, RCP Block & Brick has provided the largest selection of hardscape and masonry supplies to the San Diego and Temecula Valley regions.  They are one of the very few providers that both manufactures and sells their products direct to the consumer.  RCP operates over 30 trucks that deliver materials to their customers and 6 retail stores each day.


RCP Block & Brick has been using a manual route planning process for decades.  This includes Thomas Guides, large wall maps, and paper delivery tickets organized in wall files.  The route planning depended on the dispatcher’s knowledge of the local area.  Also, the information was only available to the personnel located within the same facility.  Since they typically deliver to construction and remodeling projects, their clients often have to time the delivery of the materials in a certain sequence along with the other pieces of their projects.  Due to this fact, many clients would request ETA’s on the delivery days.  These requests would have to be routed to between 3 to 4 people before an answer could be provided to the waiting customer.  Drivers were also not the most proactive when it came to calling or texting the customers manually before their deliveries.


We provided RCP Block & Brick with the Goose + GPS tracking plan that allows them to plan and optimize their delivery routes and dispatch them to their drivers’ smartphones.  The dispatcher can pre-plan the order of the drivers’ delivery routes according to his specifications.  The drivers receive all of their deliveries in the Goose app along with all of the details for their deliveries, including instructions and contact information for their clients.  They can send their waiting clients ETA’s when they are in-route and take pictures of the deliveries after they are complete. The dispatcher can monitor the drivers’ progress within their delivery routes within the system.


We worked with the IT manager at RCP Block & Brick to help streamline the import of their daily routes from their in-house delivery management software.  The dispatcher now has the ability to plan routes from anywhere at any time and all interested parties have visibility into the planned routes and the drivers’ statuses within current their routes.  Once the routes are built, they are assigned to the delivery drivers, who receive the routes on the Goose app.  The drivers automatically have the clients’ contact details and are now prompted to send their ETAs to their waiting clients by the simple click of a button.  Routes are quicker to plan, easier to dispatch to drivers, and the clients are happy with the ETA alerts.  This also gives RCP Block a competitive advantage within their industry since many clients may consider the ETA alerts as a factor in their future purchasing decisions.

Hear it from them

We recently sat down with Ed March, Business Systems Analyst, and Brad Adams, Fleet Manager, to discuss how Goose by FieldLogix enhances their business operations.

Brad and Ed open up about some of the challenges facing the industry and discussed our solution and how it gives them an advantage over their competition.

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