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Teen Saved by GPS Tracker

A mom knew where and what was happening to her 15-year-old daughter when she was kidnapped. Her daughter was walking… Read more »

Toys”R”Us Fleet Manager Arrested for Theft

Embezzlement can be a federal crime. Toys”R” Us logistics director Daniel Chon was arrested in his home on March 22… Read more »

GPS Tracking System used to Reposses Cars

Many people save for years to invest in a car, but in Massachusetts some got both their money and car… Read more »

Improve Fleet Driver Performance with Incentives

Implementing an effective fleet management solution in fleet vehicles can turn an entire business around. The right system can identify which… Read more »

Fleet Supervisor Fired After Taking Home Equipment

A long-time fleet supervisor with the City of Knoxville has been fired for taking home city equipment. In December, Michael Smith… Read more »

How to Prevent Break-ins of Fleet Vehicles

Fleet vehicles tend to be an attractive target for theft because they are well-marked and typically carrying valuable products and… Read more »

Top Ways Telematics Can Enhance Your Fleet

Whether you operate a fleet for a multimillion-dollar company or run a local fleet, telematics can help every fleet manager… Read more »

GPS Tracking Enables Trunk Deliveries

Starting next month, Audi drivers across the pond in Munich won’t have to head to the post office to pick… Read more »

Woman Fired After Uninstalling GPS Tracking App

A lawsuit recently filed by a woman in California alleges she was fired for uninstalling a GPS tracking app her… Read more »

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Utilize Fleet Management

Small businesses carry a lot of costs when it comes to managing a vehicle fleet, including insurance, fuel, repairs, and… Read more »

FieldLogix Announces the Commercial Availability of Goose

FieldLogix is announcing our newest mobile application, Goose! The revolutionary software is a new tool to help dispatchers dispatch routes much… Read more »

Poor Fleet Maintenance Costs USPS Billions

According to an inspector general report from April 28, the inefficiency of the USPS fleet maintenance facilities has cost nearly… Read more »