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FieldLogix One of San Diego’s Most Admired Companies

  FieldLogix has been specially chosen as one of “San Diego’s Most Admired Companies” by the San Diego Metro Magazine… Read more »

5 Benefits of Fleet Tracking

Regardless of company size or the number of fleet vehicles on the roads, every business that operates a fleet can… Read more »

FieldLogix Selected as Finalist for Most Innovative Products Award

FieldLogix, a San Diego company known for its innovative fleet tracking solution, announced today that it has been named a… Read more »

3 Expert Ways to Improve Fuel Savings

Wouldn’t life be easier if our Garmin Devices told us how to better manage our fuel spending? Since that isn’t… Read more »

FieldLogix Just Got Even Better

With fall coming to an end and winter moving in we wanted to let everyone know what we’ve been up… Read more »

5 Ways Fleet Managers Can Lower Liability

     1. Use GPS Tracking Fleet managers all around the world are implementing GPS Tracking into their businesses. This… Read more »

2 Ways GPS Tracking Helps Lower Pollution

Many drivers are unaware of the power they hold by being behind the wheel. They have the ability to drastically… Read more »

School District Improves Bus Safety with GPS Tracking

A new implementation of technology has been approved by the Calgary Board of Education this week that will allow parents… Read more »

10 Ways For Small Businesses to Be More Productive

Here are some proven ways to help your small business up productivity and down your stress level. 1.Do What You… Read more »

Fleet Employee Caught Impersonating a Cop

One of The Erie County (N.Y.) Bureau of Fleet Services employees has been accused of impersonating a police officer in… Read more »

How Chad Fay Won The Fleet Safety Award 2015

The 2015 Fleet Safety Conference was held last week in Schaumburg, Illinois and Chad Fay was named the winner of… Read more »

UPS Driver Kicks Dog and Shoves Owner

UPS has issued an apology to a dog owner and to their customer, a senior living facility in Atascadero, California,… Read more »