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GPS Tracking Enables Trunk Deliveries

Starting next month, Audi drivers across the pond in Munich won’t have to head to the post office to pick… Read more »

Woman Fired After Uninstalling GPS Tracking App

A lawsuit recently filed by a woman in California alleges she was fired for uninstalling a GPS tracking app her… Read more »

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Utilize Fleet Management

Small businesses carry a lot of costs when it comes to managing a vehicle fleet, including insurance, fuel, repairs, and… Read more »

FieldLogix Announces the Commercial Availability of Goose

FieldLogix is announcing our newest mobile application, Goose! The revolutionary software is a new tool to help dispatchers dispatch routes much… Read more »

Poor Fleet Maintenance Costs USPS Billions

According to an inspector general report from April 28, the inefficiency of the USPS fleet maintenance facilities has cost nearly… Read more »

FieldLogix One of San Diego’s Most Admired Companies

  FieldLogix has been specially chosen as one of “San Diego’s Most Admired Companies” by the San Diego Metro Magazine… Read more »

5 Benefits of Fleet Tracking

Regardless of company size or the number of fleet vehicles on the roads, every business that operates a fleet can… Read more »

FieldLogix Selected as Finalist for Most Innovative Products Award

FieldLogix, a San Diego company known for its innovative fleet tracking solution, announced today that it has been named a… Read more »

3 Expert Ways to Improve Fuel Savings

Wouldn’t life be easier if our Garmin Devices told us how to better manage our fuel spending? Since that isn’t… Read more »

FieldLogix Just Got Even Better

With fall coming to an end and winter moving in we wanted to let everyone know what we’ve been up… Read more »

5 Ways Fleet Managers Can Lower Liability

     1. Use GPS Tracking Fleet managers all around the world are implementing GPS Tracking into their businesses. This… Read more »

2 Ways GPS Tracking Helps Lower Pollution

Many drivers are unaware of the power they hold by being behind the wheel. They have the ability to drastically… Read more »