Losing patience with non-emergency medical transport

Tens of thousands of people in Palm Beach County alone rely on non-emergency medical transportation companies to take them to doctor’s appointments, hospital visits and dialysis treatments. Several complaints revealed that many people who depend on the service don’t find it reliable, or even safe.

The case of the missing mom

Betty relies on non-emergency medical transport to get her mother with dementia to and from an Alzheimer’s adult daycare center. “I was at my house and expecting to see my mother come. They brought my mom home. Only it wasn’t my mom, it was a man that they brought home,” says Betty. Luckily, the man the non-emergency medical transport company brought home came from the daycare center too. Betty recognized him and was able to have the mess sorted out. “These people (the transport company) had no clue who they had and where they were supposed to drop him off,” says Betty.

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