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GPS Tracking Bill Turned Down By Senate

A Senate committee has rejected legislation that would have made it illegal to secretly use an electronic tracking device to track a person’s movements.

The Courts of Justice Committee voted 9-6 Monday to kill the GPS tracking bill.

FCC Decision Crushes LightSquared

FCC Decision Crushes LightSquared’s Controversial Plan to Build a Wireless Network in the U.S. because its signals interfere with GPS navigation of cars, boats and planes.

GPS Tracking System & Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance Can Reduce Auto Premiums

A GPS Tracking System Combined With a Pay-As-You-Drive Auto Insurance Programs Are Becoming Very Popular Because They Save Drivers Money

Usage based insurance, also known as pay as you drive (or PAYD), is a type of automobile insurance whereby the costs of auto insurance premiums are calculated based on the amount you drive. Pay-as-you-go insurance can provide drivers big discounts, up to 54% according to GMAC.

VA House Passes Bill to Make GPS Tracking Illegal

The House voted 88-10 to pass Delegate Joe May’s bill. May introduced the legislation at the request of a constituent who was shocked to discover that a private investigator hired by his estranged wife had legally installed a GPS tracking system on the undercarriage of his car.

The bill, currently on its way to the Senate, would make it illegal for anyone to use a GPS tracking system to monitor a person’s location without his or her consent. The bill carves out exemptions for police with warrants, parents tracking their kids, any legal representative of an incapacitated adult, owners of fleet vehicles and electronic communications providers such as OnStar and cell phone companies.

Fleet Tracking System – Top 5 Benefits

Fleet tracking systems are designed with one primary goal: to save time and money. There many benefits to using a fleet tracking system, here is a list of the Top 10:

1. Increased Profits and Performance

Access to vehicle efficiency and driver productivity data helps a company manage the costs related to fleet operations. There can be a significant reduction in employee overtime costs and driver down-time; reduced maintenance costs directly affect the bottom line. Plus improved route efficiency and fleet metrics allow for expanding customer base.

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Fleet Tracking System

Thousands of vehicles across the US have a GPS-based fleet tracking system installed. Why? Because a fleet tracking system can help you cut costs, improve customer service, and take more control of managing your employees and fleet vehicles.

GPS Tracking Ruling May Effect CA Arson Case

A Supreme Court decision limiting GPS tracking for law enforcement could stall a controversial arson case.

The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled last month that police can’t install a GPS tracking system on a suspect’s vehicle without first obtaining a court-ordered warrant. Now this decision is being used to support a man accused of arson in Butte County, CA, according to KRCR-TV.