Sunshine Landscape Gets Positive ROI in 18 Days with FieldLogix Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking – Positive ROI in 18 Days

For decades the manager of  Sunshine Landscape, Carlos Contreras, had been using paper time sheets to manage his 15 employees. But Mr. Contreras had long suspected that his employees were moonlighting and taking advantage of his time sheet honor system.

So he decided that fleet tracking would help to put his mind at ease and give him more control over his business. Mr. Contreras chose FieldLogix fleet tracking due to its user-friendly interface, affordable hardware, and extensive e-mail alert features.

Using the fleet tracking system’s activity reports, he quickly realized that his employees were falsifying time sheets. Employees were taking long lunches, leaving early and were not where they were supposed to be during work hours.

But all this changed after installing a fleet tracking system. Once Mr. Contreras had a reliable way to measure his employee’s actual work hours, his overtime costs dropped immediately.

****In fact, his overtime costs dropped by more than 2 hours per man per day with no change in the workload. Based on these calculations, Mr. Contreras paid for the entire first year of the system within the first 18 days. ****

Mr. Contreras said, “Nothing is more troubling than finding out that you have been losing money for years and didn’t even know it. It dropped my labor costs by 35-45 percent. I wish I would have bought a fleet tracking system years ago, but I kept putting it off because it wasn’t a high priority at the time.”

Fleet Tracking helps companies reduce management headaches and keeps employees accountable for their actions. With fleet tracking, you can view the status and movement of every company vehicle in real-time. By doing so, it removes a number of administrative headaches and allows owners, managers, and dispatchers to use their time more effectively.

Fleet tracking can help you to:

1. Eliminate any Unauthorized or Personal use of Company Vehicles.
2. Catch Moonlighting Employees.
3. Improve Routing and Dispatching.
4. Reduce Fuel Costs
5. Eliminate Unnecessary Idling
6. Improve Driving Habits.
6. Quit Worrying About Car Theft.
7. Reduce Insurance Premiums.


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