Always Know Where Mobile Employees Are With a Fleet Tracking System – Alpine Materials Case Study

Take Control Of Your Operations With A Fleet Tracking System

Troy Suhr of Alpine Materials used to have a lot of problems managing his 14 delivery drivers. Every morning he would meticulously plan out his drivers’ routes, but his drivers would often make unscheduled stops or would take too long at deliveries, which would completely throw his plans off. So he decided to research fleet tracking systems, because he “needed more control” of his employees out in the field.

Troy said, “Customers waiting for a delivery would often call wondering when their materials were going to arrive. So I would have to track down the driver on my cell phone and try to figure out where he was and reassess when he would arrive at his next delivery. Then I would have to call the customer back. It really ate up a lot of my time.”

So Troy decided to take control of the situation and purchased FieldLogix+Nav for his entire fleet.  Since then, FieldLogix has greatly improved his operations, customer service and driver safety. “It makes planning the day so much easier,” said Troy. “I like not having to worry about whether or not my employees have made it to a stop, are on the way to a stop, or have left a stop…. I have more peace of mind knowing my guys aren’t speeding or driving recklessly.”

Troy looked at several other competitive fleet tracking systems, but said, “FieldLogix delivered more of the features I needed at the most reasonable price.”

***Garmin Dispatching***Troy’s favorite fleet tracking features include:

* Route Planning – He can quickly setup a driver’s route and send it directly to the Garmin navigation unit. Plus he can re-arrange, add, or delete stops at anytime during the day.

* Google Maps – He is able to drill down and know a driver’s exact location in real-time. This feature ensures that his drivers are sticking to their assigned routes.

* Speeding Alerts – He receives a notification alert when vehicles exceed a maximum speed limit.

* Landmarks – He sets specific locations on the map such as delivery locations, so he can easily see whether a driver has made a delivery or not.

* Two-Way Text Messaging – He can send messages directly to the driver’s unit, instead of talking on the phone. Drivers are safer and less distracted, plus it saves time talking, being on hold, or playing phone tag.

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