FieldLogix Expands Fleet Tracking Services To Canada

FieldLogix, the leader in GPS fleet tracking, is pleased to announce expansion of its services to Canada.  Now fleets in can Canada can experience a reduction in costs, increased workforce productivity, customer service improvements, plus put an end to wasteful driving habits and reduce carbon dioxide emissions with the FieldLogix real-time fleet tracking system.

The company is eager to expand its complete suite of fleet management products and services to fleets in Canada. In addition, services are now available to U.S. fleets operating in Canada.

FieldLogix’s expanded service and the company’s ongoing success is based upon continually meeting the needs of its clients. Because a fleet management system can provide an ROI in less than six months and immediately reduce fuel consumption, plus produce ecological benefits, companies both large and small utilize FieldLogix to create profitable, sustainable fleets.

In today’s tough economic climate, profit margins are slim and companies must implement as many cost-saving initiatives as possible. In order to stay competitive, companies have to look very closely at every penny spent. Wireless fleet management systems can put a spotlight on a driver’s habits that consume excessive fuel and emit unnecessary pollution.

About FieldLogix

FieldLogix is a feature–rich fleet tracking system, integrated with turn-by-turn navigation by Garmin and Google Maps, that can be customized for fleets of all kinds, shape and sizes, from 5 – 500 vehicles.


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