Middletown Employees No Longer Skip Jobs Thanks To FieldLogix Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking Keeps Employees Accountable

When the street sweepers of Middletown go on their assigned routes, they know their work habits had better be squeaky clean. The City of Middletown, Ohio has been using FieldLogix fleet tracking for their street sweepers, solid waste trucks, and snow plows since 2008.

According to fleet manager, Michelle Evans, one of their favorite fleet tracking features is the ability to verify the stops made by their vehicles. Mrs. Evans said, “Sometimes drivers skip assigned stops during their shift in order to avoid the extreme temperatures and FieldLogix fleet tracking keeps them accountable. On the other hand, in heavy snow storms you can plow a street and an hour later it doesn’t look like you’ve been there. When we get complaints all I do is access the History Report or the Asset Activity Report and then I have proof that our drivers are out there doing their jobs.”

Mrs. Evans further stated, “FieldLogix helps us to monitor where our equipment is located in real-time 24/7. Equipment can then be deployed more quickly to the areas that need immediate attention, and if a plow breaks down other crews can find its exact location. Sometimes we get calls from people who want to know when a plow will be coming to their neighborhood. With fleet tracking, we can give them an accurate estimate. We can track which streets have been plowed and which streets still need to be cleared. It also helps drivers arrive safely at their destination by avoiding uncleared roads. Different roads are cleared at different times on different days so it can be life-changing to know in real-time which roads are open and which ones are closed or congested.”

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