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Manage Fleet Efficiency with 9 Top KPI’s

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AI in Fleet Management

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The “Swoop and Squat” & Other Types of Staged Accidents

Staged accidents like the “swoop and squat” are especially common during bad economies. Unscrupulous criminals often set out to make… Read more »

FieldLogix recognized as one of the Top 101 Innovators in California

July 27, 2022 – FieldLogix has been recognized by DataMagazine as one of the top 101 Innovative Companies in California… Read more »

Top Ways Telematics Can Enhance Your Fleet

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Improve Fleet Safety with Telematics & Incentives

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5 Tips for Mobile Security

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5 Ways to Manage High Gas Prices

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One of the Benefits of Route Optimization – Recruiting Top Drivers

How improving route efficiency makes your workforce happier. A common pain among our customers is the inability to find drivers… Read more »

Dispatch Your Drivers Like Uber – With Goose!

Dispatch Like Uber! Dispatch your entire fleet and delight your customers with Goose, which is built with functionality similar to… Read more »

5 Reasons Why All Fleets Need Field Resource Management

Fleet management systems have been around a while and have become so complex that it has evolved into Field Resource Management. This article explores 5 reasons why all fleets need at least a basic Field Resource Management system.

Just How Connected Will Our Vehicles Be?

From the proliferation of vehicle GPS tracking technology to autonomous car testing, connected vehicles are the way of the future…. Read more »