Dispatch Your Drivers Like Uber – With Goose!


Dispatch Like Uber!

Dispatch your entire fleet and delight your customers with Goose, which is built with functionality similar to Uber. Goose provides you with a user-friendly Uber-like experience between your fleet drivers and your customers. With Goose, you can dispatch with ease, keep your drivers happy, and keep your customers coming back for more of your services! Goose is an innovative route optimization and dispatching solution that helps you plan your drivers’ workday, send ETA’s to waiting customers and GET MORE DONE!

Why your customers will enjoy Goose

Just like Uber, Goose lets your customers know their driver’s ETA via text and email with a link that displays the driver’s location on a map. This removes the question of when the driver will actually arrive. It also helps reduce customer no-shows that could eat away at your profit margins. The best part is that Goose is available on Android and iOS, so getting up and running is a breeze!

Additionally, like Uber, Goose has added safety functionality. Your customers can view a photo of the driver along with contact information, so they feel safe knowing who to expect in their homes.

After the service, customers have an option to rate their experience on a 5-star scale, which is sent to your manager.  Customer comments and ratings will give you more insight into your customers’ satisfaction with your services.

Why your fleet will love Goose 

Goose simplifies the dispatching process so that your drivers can get the information they need and can to focus on their jobs.  Goose allows your drivers to view a list of their stops, review any special instructions for the jobs, and utilize turn-by-turn navigation.  Once your driver arrive, your customers will be happy they didn’t have to sit around waiting for a 4-hour arrival window, making their lives easier.

Additionally, Goose’s instant updates and user-friendliness helps dispatchers and drivers communicate quicker.

How much does Goose cost?

Your drivers simply download the Goose app on their smartphone or tablet device to get started.  There’s no downtime for installation or hardware costs, just a low monthly fee for the service.  Better yet, you can try Goose out by signing up for a 7-day free trial.

Features included with Goose include route optimization, ETA alerts to clients, access to client’s contact detail, special notes for the deliveries or services, proof of service records, and more to provide your customers with the Uber-like experience all in one app.

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