One of the Benefits of Route Optimization – Recruiting Top Drivers

How improving route efficiency makes your workforce happier.

A common pain among our customers is the inability to find drivers in this uber-competitive labor market. Today’s workforce is calling for innovative tools that allow them to GET MORE DONE.   Companies that use best-in-class solutions can recruit and retain top candidates, one of the many benefits of route optimization technology. Curious? Keep reading to find out more!

The bright side

First, the good news, the US job market appears to show signs of recovery. The number of job openings exceeds the number of unemployed people, evidence that work is in high demand as more businesses are staffing up again, or at least trying to. 

Not so Fast

While the high level of job openings is a good sign the labor market is recovering, employers are having trouble finding qualified workers to hire.  People are leaving their existing jobs in droves. According to the JOLTS report, 3.87 million Americans quit their jobs in June 2021, opting for better, safer, and possibly higher-paying roles.  Good news for workers, bad news for firms with open positions.

Organizations with resources in the field, whether a fleet of vehicles or last-mile delivery drivers, are racing to find the most qualified drivers

The chart below shows the sectors where employers struggle to fill open positions.

The Benefits of Route Optimization

Route Optimization to the rescue!

A recent article in Fleet News Daily cites research from Scandit*, which highlights a recruitment battle for last-mile delivery organizations.  The most common challenge for these companies is finding qualified drivers. When e-commerce is booming, this labor shortage puts increasing pressure on that crucial last mile in the supply chain. The article also states that operational inefficiencies and not matching demand are major pain points for these firms.

The research also highlights a global trend of smartphone-based applications to optimize routes and streamline processes.  Of the 118 largest postal and logistics providers, 54% are using this type of technology.

Route optimization technology has many benefits, including enhanced route optimization, ETA alerts to customers, proof of delivery, receipts, customer surveys, mobile workforce management, and many more. These features add to a happier workforce, increased customer satisfaction, and efficient and cost-effective operations.

Of the organizations surveyed above, 85% looked to this solution to improve the employee experience.  Indicating that employee satisfaction is a key priority. Employers must entice qualified candidates with best-in-class mobile tools that enhance productivity.  Providing this technology in a single device to complete multiple tasks helps attract and retain drivers in this competitive labor market. With an intuitive and easy-to-use app, drivers have these features at their fingertips, and their employers can manage workdays in a snap.




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