Improve Fleet Safety with Telematics & Incentives

fleet safety cultureImplementing an effective fleet management solution in fleet vehicles can turn an entire business around. The right system can identify which employees drive recklessly and speed, in addition to a wealth of other helpful information. It’s essential to get employees on board with team leaders and set a company-wide standard to ensure that they embrace the safety benefits of a fleet telematics system. While an effective telematics solution is one part of the equation, engaged employees are the other. One of the best ways to help promote your safety culture is to offer incentives. Use the information from a telematics system to set goals (i.e. fewest speeding events, least aggressive driving events, etc.) and to provide incentives for employees who meet those goals.

Employee of the Month
An employee of the month program is a great place to start reinforcing your fleet safety culture.  Make it clear to employees how the employee is selected (maybe it’s the employee with the best overall safe driving score) and be clear on what benefits the employee of the month will receive. Depending on what the company is capable of providing, this could be anything from allowing a late start time or giving the employee the option to leave work a little early each day.  Other potential incentives could include free lunches, a satellite radio subscription, movie passes, gift cards, or use of the newer fleet vehicles.

Extra Vacation Time
Include extra vacation time in the employee rewards program. Set more specific criteria, such as requiring drivers to fall in the top 20 percent of the driver scorecard rankings or anyone who meets an overall safety score.  Employees who meet these standards will be entered to win extra vacation time. You can also use raffles to grant vacation time to a fewer number of drivers and grant it on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis.

Team Incentives
While healthy competition can go a long way to improve individual performance, you can also create goals for the entire team to meet. When the team meets those goals, they are collectively rewarded. Different goals can have different rewards, depending on how challenging they are to meet. Some team reward ideas include an in-office pizza party, a team dinner after work, steakhouse gift cards, a week of catered lunch, etc.

Great employees drive the business. Using telematics data and showing appreciation for their hard work will go a long way to building a safer culture and a better business.

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