Truck Driver Charged w/ 6 Counts of Homicide

A violent highway accident in Wasatch County, Utah resulted in the death of six after a dump truck crossed over the median and crashed into two oncoming cars.  The driver of the truck was arrested for six counts of automobile homicide, two counts of DUI, one count of open container in a vehicle, reckless driving, unsafe lane travel and speeding.

According to statement from the 4th District Court, UHP Trooper Johnathan Boyd, when he arrived, Boyd spoke with the truck driver along with a witness. The witness said they were following the dump truck while the driver was swerving across lanes and speeding before crossing the median and crashing into two oncoming cars. The negligent truck driver was transported to the hospital and later taken into custody.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), 73% of all accidents that cause fatalities involve large trucks. Excessive speeding and aggressive driving leads to accidents that present a tremendous liability for any trucking company. FieldLogix’s fleet tracking solution can help you catch and eliminate unsafe driving behaviors as they occur and create a safer workforce.

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