FieldLogix Releases WEX Fuel Card Integration

[San Diego, CA – March 1, 2019] FieldLogix users can now use fuel fraud reports with the WEX fuel card integration to monitor spending and prevent theft. This new integration allows managers to focus on their business while resting assured that employee spending is being monitored.

FieldLogix’s fleet management system displays the fleet vehicles location when the fuel card is being used to ensure the vehicle is at the fueling station and that the card isn’t being used for a personal vehicle instead. FieldLogix’s technology also displays the vehicle’s fuel capacity and fuel quantity purchased during each transaction to prevent the purchase of fuel in excess of the vehicle’s tank capacity.

“Our goal is to make management’s job easier and help prevent theft, which can impact a company’s bottom line”, says FieldLogix CEO – Yukon Palmer. “With WEX fuel card reporting, management knows where every dollar goes and will be alerted when suspicious behavior takes place.”

About WEX

WEX fleet cards help enforce a company’s spending policy with controls to limit card use by product, dollar amount, time of day, and more.

About FieldLogix

Since 2002, FieldLogix has been one of the more enduring and efficient Field Resource Management companies in the industry. With a focus on automating processes to improve the customer’s experience and developing user-friendly and reliable products, FieldLogix has grown rapidly to become a leading fleet management & mobility provider. FieldLogix has been profiled in numerous publications and ranked among the fastest 100 growing companies in San Diego. Their dedication to their customers’ experience is the reason for their accomplishments and continues to drive their future success.

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