Illegal activities committed by 26 government fleet employees

Last quarter, 55 anonymous reports given to the city of San Diego accused government fleet employees of fraud, waste, and many other illegal activities.

But what were they doing?

Some 26 employees were putting their jobs at risk by performing unauthorized charity work. Generally, charity work and illegal activities are not interchangeable terms, however these employees cost their employers and the city a ton of money. City employees neglecting to clock out was the main reason behind these costs. The government fleet employees were also using company vehicles to help the unnamed organizations. A memo states corrective action would be undertaken by the departmental head that authorized these illegal activities on city time.

The memo also claims, “Although charitable causes are extremely important, it is our duty to ensure that all city activities performed on city time using city resources are administered in a manner that does not expose the city to unnecessary risks and excessive costs.”

Reports from last quarter also claimed extremely dangerous activity. One fleet employee drove 98 miles per hour down the freeway! Reckless driving is an understatement when individuals are going 30 miles over the speed limit. Luckily, no one was hurt or injured in this case. However, any small distraction could have caused detrimental consequences at this speed.

Safety is a necessity!

With over 11,000 city workers in San Diego, it is crucial to monitor government fleet activities and driving habits. With the modern Field Resource Management system that FieldLogix provides, your organization can protect itself by avoiding unnecessary legal liabilities, and improving employee and public safety.

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