Tracking System

Fortune 500 Logistics Firm Deploys Container Tracking System

An unnamed Fortune 500 logistics service providers has executed a multi-year contract with I.D. Systems, Inc. to deploy its container tracking system, VeriWise Track & Trace, across a fleet of intermodal containers.

From the moment a container’s trip begins, the container tracking system is activated, adding details, photos, comments and delivery updates as the cargo makes its way to its destination. With this cutting-edge tracking system, full information about the status of the shipment is available 24/7.

GPS Tracking System on Commercial Ships Could Improve Tsunami Warnings

UHM’s research ship “Kilo Moana” was on its way to Hawaii from Guam when a tsunami was generated by an 8.8 earthquake in Chile back in February 2010. The Kilo Moana is equipped with an advanced GPS tracking system and the data it recorded mirrored the tsunami predictions from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.
This is the first time a ship has ever detected a tsunami.