Pet Owners Flock To GPS Tracking Systems

pet GPS tracking systemThe increasing use of GPS tracking technology is offering pet owners a new solution for locating roaming cats, missing dogs and other runaway pets. More and more pet owners are using GPS-based tracking systems to locate their missing pets, and with much success.

Peggy Adams, owner of Cody, her 10 year old beloved house cat, recently tracked down her missing cat with a pet tracking system and says the device, “changed her life permanently for the better.”

According to Mrs. Adams, “I woke up one morning and Cody, my beloved indoor cat, was gone. He had escaped out a door that was accidentally left unlocked. Luckily we found him after a few painstaking hours scouring the neighborhood in search of him. After this happened, I grew frustrated and decided to consider a GPS tracking system. Now my GPS tracking system gives me peace of mind because if Cody gets out, I am notified immediately and can locate him and track him down right away.”

Experts estimate that roughly half of the pets that enter animal shelters each year are strays or lost animals. If you’ve ever experienced losing your cat or dog, or any type of pet, you know the agony involved in not being able to find a beloved member of your family. Now there’s help –  GPS-Based Pet Tracking Systems.

Several GPS tracking systems are now being marketed that attach to collars and can be monitored by handsets, mobile phones or computers with relative ease.

Here are a few and how they work:

Loca8tor – A handset picks up a signal from a tag attached to the pet’s collar and indicates which way to go to locate the tag. It’s designed to work within a range of 400 feet, though obstacles like walls and floors can reduce the range.

There are two types – Loc8tor Plus and Loc8tor Pet.

Loc8tor Plus -Ideal for finding your pet in the house, garden and around the neighbourhood with the Loc8tor Plus handset guiding you which way to walk. This device also comes with an alert mode, which means you’ll know the instant your dog (or other pet) moves outside your pre-determined safe zone. Range up to 183 metres / 600 feet.

Loc8tor Pet – Ideal for finding your pet in the house, garden and around the neighbourhood. The credit card sized handset guides you which way to walk, even working through doors and walls. Particularly well suited to cats, small dogs, tortoises and other smaller animals. Range up to 122metres / 400 feet.

Tagg – The Tagg pet tracking system uses advanced GPS tracking technology to allow you to see where your dog is and receive a notification if he or she wanders off. The lightweight tracker attaches to your dog’s existing collar, and is designed to be worn at all times, even while swimming.

What’s awesome about this particular pet tracking system is  how well they’ve integrated mobile technology so you can track your pet in real time not only on the site but with your phone, using the app or even text messaging.




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