Rivers Casino Uses RFID Tracking System To Manage 20,000 Uniforms

Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, IL, has installed InvoTech’s GIMS automatic ultra-high frequency RFID garment tracking system to manage more than 20,000 custom-designed staff uniforms. InvoTech provides Rivers Casino’s uniform supplier with UHF-RFID tracking tags so new uniforms arrive with tags already sewn in, enabling the tracking system to know the location of each uniform once it arrives on the property.

Employees come to work each day, they wave their ID card near a reader in the uniform room, which triggers an automated conveyer system to deliver the correct uniform. The uniform is delivered in less than a minute and the GIMS uniform tracking system automatically records which uniforms were picked up, and to whom the uniforms were issued.

Rivers Casino has nearly 1,300 employees and 12 to 15 different uniform styles to match each of its seven food and beverage outlets, each having unique themes and uniforms. RFID tracking tags sewn in reduce previously labor-intensive procedures counting hundreds of garments per minute without hand sorting.

Invotech’s garment tracking system uses RFID readers located in a facility’s laundry area to track when each uniform is sent to be cleaned, along with the time of laundering and when that garment is ready for reuse. Conveyors transport the clean uniforms to locking windows outside the laundry area, which are picked up by a facility’s restaurant, hotel and casino workers at the beginning of each shift. Not only does this improve the efficiency of providing staff members with uniforms, but it also allows you to manage how often the garments are laundered, and when they need to be replaced.

Invotech’s asset tracking system & software platform helps organizations improve the visibility of their fixed assets by enabling them to automate physical asset inventories, track the movement of assets, and track assets in real-time for security and safekeeping. A variety of technologies including Active RFID, Passive RFID, barcodes, and other data collection technologies are supported, which can be implemented individually or together to meet customer-specific asset tracking needs. The platform supports both fixed and handheld RFID readers from leading vendors. Although RFID asset management and RFID asset tracking are relatively new concepts, RFID is a proven technology that has been around for decades.

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