Employee Busted on Job Interview, Going To Mexico While On The Clock

**Work Truck Covered in Mud**

One afternoon in Southern California a driver for Harbor Pointe HVAC was supposed to be completing his daily sales and service route. Instead, thanks to a GPS tracking system, the driver was caught taking his brand new work truck across the border into Mexico to watch the Baja 1000 off-road races.

The next day when the driver showed up to work, the company-owned vehicle was covered in mud. The driver blamed the mud on construction in his neighborhood.

But Harbor Pointe service manager, Erin Ramsey, “knew better” and “started monitoring the driver’s actions much more closely….What happened next was unbelievable.”

Mrs. Ramsey said: “A few weeks later, while monitoring this same driver’s location, I realized he was stopped at a competing HVAC company’s office while he was still on the clock. I notified my supervisor immediately and we went straight to this location to retrieve the vehicle and find out what was going on. It turns out that the driver was there interviewing for a job with one of our biggest competitors.’

“We were so disappointed with his inappropriate behavior that we took the truck he was using and left him there. Not only did he not get the job he was interviewing for, but he was immediately fired from Harbor Pointe,” Ramsey said.

Harbor Pointe AC, one of the largest HVAC companies in Southern California, has been using FieldLogix since 2003. Erin Ramsey, service manager, said “There is a good reason we have been using FieldLogix for so long. We love their product, their service, and how the system is always being upgraded with new features.”

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