Fuel Efficient Driver Training by FieldLogix Fleet Tracking System

driver_trainingFieldLogix, an industry leading fleet tracking system, launched an online Fuel Efficiency Driver Training Program this year. The program helps drivers recognize and change habits that waste fuel.

Even drivers with years behind the wheel can improve their skills and driving performance with a fuel efficient driver training program.

A few simple changes in driving techniques can produce sizable fuel savings of 5 percent or more, according to the EPA. Fleets that improve fuel economy by at least 5 percent through driver training and monitoring programs can save more than $1,200 per truck each year in fuel costs and eliminate 8 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per truck each year.

Drivers are taught that an idling vehicle gets zero miles per gallon. The driver training also shows drivers how and why they should not speed in an effort to conserve gas. For example, driving at 55 mph rather than 65 mph can lower fuel consumption by as much as 20 percent, according to the EPA.

Companies using the FieldLogix fleet tracking system have access to their proprietary Green Fleet Reports, which can determine which vehicles are wasting time and money on excessive idling and speeding. The Green Fleet Reports can monitor driver performance and improvements over time.

Driver training based on fuel efficiency suggests limiting weight in the vehicle to the bare minimum. An extra 100 pounds can reduce fuel efficiency by 2 percent.

Fuel efficient driving also emphasizes effective route planning. A modern fleet GPS system can be very useful in planning the most efficient route.

FieldLogix encourages fleet managers to provide incentives to the best drivers who make the most progress and reduce fuel consumption. The Fuel Efficiency Driver Training courses are divided into several modules, such as the Physics of Fuel and Fuel Efficient Driving Techniques.

After each course module is completed, students will be given a brief online exam to test their knowledge. Students must pass the test with a score of 80% or more in order to move on to the next course module.

Source: http://www.epa.gov/smartwaylogistics/documents/drivertraining.pdf

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