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GPS Tracking Devices To Be Installed in Scott County Garbage Trucks

Cities across the U.S. are being forced to make budget cuts. Many cities are turning to a GPS tracking devices to help cut costs and save money.

City officials in Scott County, MS, have decided to install GPS tracking devices inside the county’s fleet of garbage trucks.

The county is planning to save thousands in fuel and maintenance costs, by taking data from the GPS tracking devices and re-routing existing routes.

GPS Tracking Leads Deputies To 12-Year-Old Phone Thief

Police say they used GPS tracking technology to track two stolen cell phones to a local teen’s home, and how he ultimately got caught may be the most bizarre part, reported Fox News in Tampa Bay, FL.

The boy failed to realize one of the phones had a built-in GPS tracking device, and it rang in the boy’s closet while a deputy stood there dialing the number.

Cell Phone Tracking System Approved By Fort Worth City Council

The City Council of Fort Worth, TX has authorized the Police Department to purchase a portable system to track cellphones.

The new tracking system will “exponentially increase the ability” of police to “combat criminal activity.” Council members agreed to spend $184,000 for the new cell phone tracking system, reported the Star-Telegram.

Law enforcement wants to install the new tracking system because of Supreme Court’s recent decision about warrantless GPS tracking.

GPS Tracking Devices Uncover Corruption at Sewerage Authority

GPS Tracking Devices Used to Uncover Corruption at Sewerage Authority & Locate More Than $100,000 in Stolen Public Resources…City Employees Busted Stealing $100,000 of Equipment & Running Side Jobs

This week more than $100,000 in stolen public resources has been uncovered in Cinnaminson, NJ, and five full-time city employees, including the Cinnaminson Sewerage Authority’s top two employees, have been arrested on theft and corruption charges.

COLTS Invests $834,078 For Vehicle Tracking System

Public buses in Lackawanna will be getting a major upgrade this year. This week board members of the County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) unanimously voted to invest $834,078 for a new real-time vehicle tracking system to “help the agency better monitor and manage its operations.”

BBB: 4 Critical Questions to Ask a Potential GPS Fleet Tracking Provider

Considering the proliferation of GPS tracking technology, many business are being solicited by dozens of GPS fleet management providers.

There are a lot of choices and it can be overwhelming.

You really want to make sure that you’re getting all the fleet tracking features you need, but aren’t overpaying for things that you’re never going to use.

GPS Tracking Bill Turned Down By Senate

A Senate committee has rejected legislation that would have made it illegal to secretly use an electronic tracking device to track a person’s movements.

The Courts of Justice Committee voted 9-6 Monday to kill the GPS tracking bill.

FCC Decision Crushes LightSquared

FCC Decision Crushes LightSquared’s Controversial Plan to Build a Wireless Network in the U.S. because its signals interfere with GPS navigation of cars, boats and planes.