Cut Fuel Costs With FieldLogix’s GPS Fleet Tracking System

Despite this year’s record high gas prices, a GPS fleet tracking system can absolutely help to reduce your fuel costs. Drivers will no longer get lost or stuck in traffic, waste gas on unnecessary idling, and will always drive the most efficient route.

Even with the recovering economy, rising fuel prices and increasing insurance costs for vehicles continue to be a challenge for thousands of U.S. businesses. Utilizing a GPS fleet tracking system can be one of the most cost effective means to manage and reduce fuel consumption.

A GPS fleet tracking system can help the average fleet reduce fuel costs by up to 20%.  A typical fleet will see a positive ROI in less than 6 months.

Whether you manage a fleet of 5 vans or hundreds of fleet vehicles, a GPS fleet tracking system can improve your bottom line. The Aberdeen Group concluded that GPS fleet tracking systems have helped companies reduce fuel costs by 13.2% on average.

On average, fleets using a GPS tracking system can typically complete at least one extra stop, job, or delivery per day. By monitoring activities like speeding or excessive idling you can not only save fuel, but reduce damage done to the engine, brakes and tires.

A GPS fleet tracking system can monitor when each vehicle is due for maintenance based on actual miles driven. A fleet tracking system can remind managers of vehicles needing service, and service reports provide a detailed maintenance checklist for your entire fleet.


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