GPS Tracking Devices To Be Installed in Scott County Garbage Trucks

Many cities across the U.S. are turning to a GPS tracking devices to help cut costs and save money.

City officials in Scott County, MS, have decided to install GPS tracking devices inside the  county’s fleet of garbage trucks.

The county is planning to save thousands in fuel and maintenance costs, by taking data from the GPS tracking devices and re-routing existing routes.

The county board of supervisors voted and agreed to the initial purchase of  the GPS tracking devices. Supervisors said the city will initially install only two tracking devices as part of  a pilot program to gauge the devices’ effectiveness.

GPS tracking devices will enable the county to know exactly where a vehicle is located at all times. It will also tell supervisors whether there is mechanical trouble with the vehicle through diagnostic codes and how fast the vehicle is traveling — all through communication over the Internet.

Sheriff Mike Lee told the Scott County Times he is interested in seeing how the GPS tracking devices work.

“If the GPS tracking devices work as well as they say, I would be interested in outfitting our patrol cars as we are able to afford the devices,” Lee said. “It seems to be a very interesting tool to help improve accountability in our county’s resources.”


to improve the efficiency of the city’s garbage routes.

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