Builder Plants GPS Tracking Device in Construction Materials To Catch Thieves

This week an owner of a construction company, fed up with building materials disappearing from construction sites, decided to take the matter into his own hands.

The home builder secretly placed a GPS tracking device on a stack of construction materials at one of his building sites. He left the materials out in the open as bait, hoping it would lure the thieves into his trap. Turns out,  his plan worked.

Within a few days, the GPS tracking device sent a notice to the home builder, alerting him that the materials were on the move. The home builder immediately called the local police.

Police were able to use the GPS tracking device to locate the stolen materials and catch the two men who police believe are responsible for the theft.

According to a report from the sheriff’s office, the builder left the GPS tracking device in a box of materials at a house in Rochester Hills.  At 6:20 a.m. Friday, the builder received an alert that the tracker was on the move. He used a computer to follow its route south to Detroit and alerted sheriff’s deputies, who followed along.

Police followed the GPS tracking device to Coney Island in Detroit, where they witnessed three men transferring items from one vehicle to another. Deputies arrested all three men on the spot, but one was later released.

The two suspects were taken into police custody and were charged with breaking and entering, which is a 10-year felony.


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