GPS Tracking System for Pets – Dog Collar with GPS

dog collar gps tracking system Love My Pet GPS announced Wednesday it has reduced the price of its award winning GPS Pet Tracking System.

The Pet Protection service can help you to locate a lost pet instantly using a GPS tracking collar that can locate and track a lost pet instantly, in real time, online.

The Love My Pets pet tracking system was created to protect lost animals.

“When I saw the dogs wandering loose, alone, and without their families after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans I knew there had to be a better way to reunite lost pets with their owners. I found one” said Mike Macatee of Love My Pets GPS. Macatee continued, “By providing affordable pet protection in our Reflective glow-in-the-dark safety collars, personalized dog collars and affordable dog tracking system we can protect pets, prevent lost pets and keep families together.”

The pet tracking system uses both state-of-the-art GPS technology and cellular signals. It can locate and track both outdoors and in—even in heavily wooded areas and inside buildings.

Pet owners are able to set up a “Geo Fence” around a pre-determined area. The pet tracking system will alert the owner when a pet wanders outside of this pre-determined area. This allows the pet owner to react quickly when a pet leaves the safe area.

The new dog tracking system makes it affordable to protect your pets – a GPS-enabled collar and one year of service costs only $129.95.

The special includes GPS Pet Tracking Device, Reflective Glow In The Dark Safety Collar or Harness with GPS Pouch and One Year Paid Subscription with No Activation Fee. The GPS Dog Safety Collar comes with a battery charger, quick start guide, two wallet cards and a brochure with helpful tips.

Love My Pets GPS also makes reflective dog collars and leashes that reflect and glow in the dark, providing additional protection for pets and owners.

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