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The Best GPS Tracking Watches – 2012

GPS-enabled watches are incredibly useful devices, and the technology is always improving as competitors battle it out year after year for the coveted number one spot as the best GPS tracking watch.

Best GPS Tracking Collars For Pets, Reviews By Consumer Reports

GPS tracking collars are fantastic for anyone who has a dog or cat they want to keep tabs on. People who have felt the agony of searching for a missing pet especially know how valuable a pet GPS tracking device can be.
Last week Consumer Reports tested three GPS tracking devices to see if they could help find a runaway pet. The RoamEO for $200, the $170 Garmin GTU 10, and the Tagg Pet Tracker for $100.

GPS Tracking Devices Change The Way Viewers Watch Yacht Races

GPS tracking technology has brought the historic Qantas Link Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race (one of biggest yacht races in Australia) into a new era.

The race will be watched by more fans than ever before, thanks to the latest in GPS tracking technology that will allow millions worldwide to watch the progress of every yacht in real time, as they battle it out across the sea.

Fans will be able to get just as involved in the race as if they were part of the crew. Users can not only view information about each yacht and its progress, they can also access analysis on a yacht’s average speed and handicap to get a running account of the expected result.