Kidnapped Toddler Found After Mom Forced to Pay $150

kidnapped toddler gpsA toddler was recently taken in Illinois when two criminals beat his pregnant mother and ran over her as they drove off with her vehicle. The mother’s Volkswagon (OTC:VWAGY) was equipped with a GPS tracking device, which was monitored by Verizon Connect. After the police arrived, they reached out to the tracking provider to get their assistance to help find the vehicle and the child. Unfortunately, the rep refused to assist them unless they paid $150 to renew their subscription.

The police explained to the provider’s representative that it was a life or death situation, but the rep refused to provide the location of the vehicle because the service’s free trial had expired. The family eventually paid the $150 subscription fee and the vehicle was found within 25 minutes. Fortunately, the child was safe after being left in a parking lot by the thieves.

The family is now suing Volkswagon and Verizon Connect (NYSE:VZ) for $50,000 for the emotional distress that they experienced during the ordeal.

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