FieldLogix Product Warranty

Limited Warranty Summary:
We warranty our GPS tracking equipment for the duration of your initial Service Agreement term. Issues not covered by the warranty include device tampering, water damage, damage caused by improper installation, vehicle-related electrical problems, lightning damage, theft or attempted theft or damage caused by installation technicians not authorized by FieldLogix. See non-warranty fees below.

Limited Warranty Details:
We guarantee that commencing upon Product delivery and during the period of your initial service agreement term, the Products will not have defects in material and workmanship and during the term: (a) Licensed Matter will be able to perform the data processing functions described in the applicable operating manuals and (b) Services will be provided in a workmanlike manner. We will either repair or replace any Products that are malfunctioning during the warranty term at our cost. This Warranty excludes coverage for damages to Products caused by vehicle-related electrical problems; physical tampering; water damage; lightning damage; theft or attempted theft; and damages caused by installation technicians not authorized by FieldLogix. This warranty is limited to GPS Locator Units and FieldLogix does not warranty other equipment provided to Buyer by FieldLogix as such warranty is provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Buyer can request documentation specifying the details of the Original Equipment Manufacturer warranty. All terms and rights of the Original Equipment Manufacturer warranty pass through to Buyer. Upon Buyer’s request for installation and or repair services, FieldLogix will issue a work order to an authorized technician to complete requested services. If FieldLogix arranges the original Product installation, any fees for warranty covered repairs within the Limited Warranty term will be absorbed by FieldLogix. FieldLogix will not reimburse Buyer for labor costs associated with removal and installation services to malfunctioning GPS Locator Units if Buyer (a) arranged for the original Product installation with a technician not authorized by FieldLogix, and (b) if any non-authorized technician caused damages to the GPS Locator Units after the original Product installation. To make claims under this warranty during the Term, you must promptly notify us after you learn of the facts supporting the claim. While you are utilizing our Services, we will assist you in troubleshooting non-functional GPS Locator Units and will dispatch a technician if requested. You will be billed at our current published service rates for any technician service work that is not covered by our Limited Warranty. FieldLogix shall not issue refunds or credits for monthly service fees incurred for non-functioning Products during any time period prior to: (i) Buyer’s completion of FieldLogix’ specified troubleshooting steps and (ii) Buyer’s request for FieldLogix’ diagnosis and repair services of said Products. Nothing herein shall be construed as providing or intending to provide FieldLogix’ warranty to any customer(s) of Buyer. FIELDLOGIX MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE PRODUCTS SOLD HEREUNDER. FIELDLOGIX EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Non-Warranty Items Fee Schedule

If your product is within our warranty period, we will waive any fees for replacing and/or repairing defective devices. These fees will only be waived if FieldLogix arranged for the initial installation of the devices requiring repair and the devices are deemed defective.

There are certain services that are not covered under our product warranty. This includes services such as repairs due to device tampering, and any other requested services for functional devices.

Non-warranty services will be billed according to the following schedule:

Device Tampering Repair

Device Removal (non-warranty)*

Device Installation (non-warranty)*

Device Removal & Installation (non-warranty)*

Replacement GPS Antenna (non-warranty)*

Replacement Cellular Antenna (non-warranty)*

Replacement Wiring Harness (non-warranty)*

Replacement Asset Tracker (non-warranty)*

Replacement Plug & Play Tracker (non-warranty)*

Replacement Hardwired Tracker (non-warranty)*

Replacement Garmin FMI Cable (non-warranty)*

On-Site Trip Fees (non-warranty)*
$89.00 (per trip)

*Non-warranty fees are for services requested by customer to devices not deemed to be defective or have not been installed by a FieldLogix designated installer. Non-warranty parts costs are for replacement of parts due to loss, tampering, or breakage (i.e. cut wires, etc.). Any evidence of tampering will be presented to Company’s designated installation contact by installer.

Fee schedule is subject to change without notice.

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