Accurate ETA’s = Happier Customers!

Wow your customers with ETA alerts

Think back to a time where the cable company gave you a 4 hour appointment window for a service call at your home.  Chances are that you had to reschedule meetings, find someone to pickup your kids from school, or make other changes to your day.  This experience is very disruptive and degrades your experience with the company’s service.

You don’t have to make the same mistake with your customers!

With Goose, your field workers can now:

eta alerts

Send ETA alerts to your waiting customers

Give your customers a “heads up” that your workers are on their way so they are ready for the visit.

Send a picture of your field worker

Your clients will be more comfortable when they know that the right person is showing up.

In fact, according to a study by the Aberdeen Group, organizations increase revenues by 16.4% when they improve their customer’s experience with their services. Providing ETA alerts when your workers are in route will surely improve your clients’ satisfaction with your services.

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“Our customers get to know where the driver is on his or her route, and through our notification they can anticipate the delivery.” – Ling Wollenschlaeger @ Pittsburg Fresh