Watch the replay of: Proven Ways to Streamline Operational Efficiency with Field Resource Management

At FieldLogix we take innovation seriously. It is our mission to deliver an innovative, affordable, easy to use solution with exceptional customer support. We consider each of our customers a long-term partner. We offer the best of GPS fleet tracking & workforce management in an all-in-one solution to manage all of your resources in the field.

FieldLogix has helped countless companies like yours. In our session, we will go through the best ways you can use FieldLogix’s innovative field resource management platform to:

  • Improve Fleet Safety
  • Reduce Fuel, Maintenance, and Labor Costs
  • Streamline Route Planning & Dispatching
  • Grow Your Business in 2021

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    About the Presenter


    Yukon Palmer, founder, and CEO of FieldLogix has spent 20 years in the fleet management industry in roles spanning sales, business development, and software development. He has led many initiatives within FieldLogix, which has won the company innovation awards such as the IoT Breakthrough Award and the A-List in IoT Award.