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Learn how we’re different

Brent couldn’t believe his eyes as he read the news article.

A local solar company, one of his company’s main competitors, was facing a $1.8 million lawsuit due to a fatal accident after an employee crashed due to watching Netflix while driving. He couldn’t help but think about how facing a settlement fee like that would sink his company immediately!

He decided to start researching Field Resource Management companies and was surprised when he found out…

…according to the FMCSA, the average fleet vehicle accident costs organizations $22,000!

But that is only the beginning. With injuries, accident costs go up to $331,000. With a fatality, losses can skyrocket to $7.2 million. Accident-related costs are one of the leading causes of small business failures throughout the US.

Learn how we’re different

Our fleet management system can help…

Eliminate unsafe driving

We monitor aggressive driving, posted speed limit violations, and max speed violations.  Our alerts give you the ability to stay on top of these harmful driving habits and eliminate them before they cost you money!

Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use

Ensure that they aren’t using your fleet vehicles after work hours by setting up alerting rules for personal use.  This ensures that they aren’t increasing your exposure by driving home from a bar or taking their kids to soccer practices in your fleet vehicle.

Calculate your accident risk…

Accident Risk Calculator

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Proper driver activity monitoring will reduce your risk by eliminating unsafe driving behaviors!

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“With your system I already caught one of my guys using a truck for his personal use” – John Reno @ Twin Cities Garage Doors

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