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Employee Caught Robbing Houses With Work Truck

Police in Sherburne County, MN, began to suspect Sin Santo Bad was behind a string of residential burglaries when a witness reported seeing a vehicle with the license plate “BAD SIN” parked outside a house while it was being burglarized. The license plate “BAD SIN” was registered to Bad’s personal vehicle.

Sheriff deputies later received permission from one of the owners of the potato processing company where Bad worked to put a GPS tracking device on a company-owned pick-up truck. The GPS tracking device allowed officers to monitor the truck’s location and movements, but it did not transmit conversations from inside the truck or show the truck’s contents. [More…]

In September 2009, a company employee called the sheriff’s office to report that Bad was going to be using the company-owned truck for work that day. Deputies used the GPS tracking device to follow the truck, and what they found him doing was outrageous.

San Diego Metro: Most Admired Companies in 2011 – FieldLogix

FieldLogix is proud to announce that it has been selected by San Diego Metro as One of “The Most Admired Companies in San Diego in 2011.”

FieldLogix, an industry leader in Green GPS fleet tracking technology, was built with no outside financing and has grown to support thousands of vehicles throughout the US.

Companies using FieldLogix’s GPS-based fleet tracking system experience lower fuel consumption, equating to reduced fuel costs, lower maintenance costs, improved customer response time, lower fleet emissions and reduced insurance costs, plus increased employee productivity and efficiency.

Garmin’s New App Uses Cell Phones to Stream to GPS Device

A new Garmin GPS app called Smartphone Link lets Android users stream real-time information to their GPS navigation device using their cel phone’s data plan.

Data is received by the phone and transmitted to the GPS device, for display on the navigator’s screen. The app can display real-time traffic information, traffic cam images, weather info and fuel prices quickly and easily on your Android cell phone. [More…]

The app is available free in the Android Market, and works with any Bluetooth-enabled 2012 Garmin Nuvi model. Free information includes access to product updates from Garmin, along with basic weather reporting. More useful data requires a subscription.

Duke University Launching Real-Time GPS Tracking System For Bus Fleet

This month Duke University is launching a real-time tracking system for its fleet of buses. Now students, faculty, staff and visitors can locate a Duke bus in real-time at any of the 113 bus stops on and around campus.

“This is going to provide a great opportunity for people to see where buses are at any point in time in our system, literally down to the second as they move,” said Sam Veraldi, director of Parking and Transportation Services. “The system offers us a tremendous amount of efficiency by letting us and our passengers know where vehicles are and where they’ll soon be.”

The tracking system gives riders access to real-time bus location information from a computer or mobile device, and apps are available for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Users can also use text messages to locate buses. The tracking system map will also have the capability to post messages, so if an accident slows or alters a bus route, riders will be alerted as the change happens.

Real-Time Bus Tracking System Lauching in NYC

New York City’s public transit provider, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), has decided to invest in a state-of-the-art bus tracking system that will give New Yorkers a real-time view into the exact location of every bus in the city. The tracking system will help bus riders stay on schedule, plan their travel, and never miss a bus again.

Bus riders in New York City should be very excited about the upcoming, real-time bus tracking system. [More…]

Bus riders will be able to access real-time information from a computer or mobile device and users can also use text messages to locate buses. This will especially come in handy during a snow storm or on a cold, rainy day.

Because traffic conditions, breakdowns, and day-to-day problems faced by transit providers can delay bus service, the tracking system was designed to keep bus riders on schedule even if their bus isn’t.

GPS Tracking System for Pets

Find your lost pet quickly and easily from your computer or mobile device with a GPS tracking system for pets.

For most pet owners, there is nothing more heartbreaking than losing your pet. Now with a GPS tracking system for pets called Tagg, you can keep your beloved pet safe by knowing where they are 24/7. The tracking system can alert you if your dog or cat travels outside their designated safe areas.

Fleet Tracking System Busts Employees Submitting False Time Sheets

pon installing FieldLogix’s fleet tracking system, Carlos’ suspicions were immediately confirmed. By using the system’s activity reports, he found that his “honor system” was being abused by his employees.

Carlos was shocked to see how bad his fraudulent overtime was.

By having an accurate way to measure daily work hours, his overtime costs dropped immediately. In fact, his overtime costs dropped by more than 2 hours per man per day with no change in the workload.

Based on Carlos’ calculations, he paid for the entire first year of the system within the first 18 days.

Garmin GPS Fleet Tracking System

Whether you manage a fleet of 5 vans or hundreds of vehicles, a Garmin GPS fleet tracking system can help you to manage and improve mobile worker performance, reduce expenses and increase customer satisfaction.

A Garmin fleet tracking system can make your mobile employees and contractors more accountable, productive and efficient. Improving employee performance will not only make your customers more happy but it will make your drivers safe and at less risk of an accident.

Garmin LogoWith a Garmin fleet tracking system, dispatchers can locate and assign the best vehicle and driver nearest to the customer. This improved efficiency often leads to 1-2 additional service calls per day, per technician.