Q2 2024 Feature Releases

June 13, 2024 – FieldLogix announces several new enhancements to its platform as part of its Q2 2024 product update.  These capabilities improve our platform’s ability to support large enterprise clients.

These enhancements include:

Logging of settings changes

We now store the user, date, and time when a specific setting was changed within the platform.  This helps companies identify the users who update specific settings without the authorization of others within their organization.

Goose enhancements

We now display stop descriptions for each stop dispatched to our Goose mobile application.  This gives dispatchers more details about stops dispatched to your drivers.

User experience updates and bug fixes

We also updated several existing features and made several bug fixes.  This includes enhancements to our time clock and notifications reports, our landmark uploader, and our posted speed limit monitoring accuracy.  In addition, we update our dash camera features to better support larger fleets.

Learn more about our new release here >>


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