Fleet Tracking

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Fleet Tracking System

Thousands of vehicles across the US have a GPS-based fleet tracking system installed. Why? Because a fleet tracking system can help you cut costs, improve customer service, and take more control of managing your employees and fleet vehicles.

Fleet GPS Tracking System Solutions

Thousands of companies across the U.S., from corporate giants like FedEx and UPS, down to small businesses like Conway’s Flowers, are using GPS tracking technology to cut costs, become more efficient, and improve customer service and vehicle maintenance.

A GPS fleet tracking system can help to monitor workers, reduce fuel consumption, navigate shorter or better routes for drivers, track stolen vehicles, obtain discounts on insurance and offers other features such as time sheet reporting and mileage claims to enhance customer service and satisfaction.

NYC Taxi Drivers File GPS Tracking Lawsuit

The Supreme Court’s Recent GPS Tracking Decision May Impact NYC Taxi Drivers

Last week NYC taxi drivers Koffi Aka and Robert Carniol filed a federal class action lawsuit against New York City, its Taxi and Limousine Commission, and commissioner Chairman David Yassky, according to the New York Courthouse News. The cab drivers’ lawsuit claims that “warrantless” GPS tracking has exposed thousands of taxi drivers to bogus prosecutions and license revocations.

ExtermaPest Cuts Gas Costs $700 a Month – FieldLogix Fleet Tracking System

Despite Rising Gas Prices, Dunphy’s ExtermaPest Uses FieldLogix GPS Fleet Tracking System to Cut Gas Costs by $700 a Month For a 10 Vehicle Fleet

Gas prices are typically low in January, but not this year. Currently the U.S. average price for a gallon of self-serve regular gas is $3.44, 17 cents more than one month ago, and 35 cents more than one year ago, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.

GPS Tracking System Used in School Bus Fleets Across U.S. to Keep Students Safe

GPS Fleet Tracking System For School Buses Keeps Students Safe & Makes School Districts More Efficient

For schools, providing safe transportation is always a top priority. School boards are under pressure to not only provide a safe, reliable transportation service to school children and their parents, but also to run as efficiently as possible in light of today’s budget restraints. A GPS fleet tracking system can make a school bus fleet more profitable, plus it helps to keep children safe.